“Andy Evansen’s A Sense of Light in Watercolor”

This is just one example of how membership in PYLAA can benefit your artistic endeavors!

  • Organizing chaos through simplification while keeping accuracy

  • The importance of linking positive & negative shapes to create a better design

  • How to paint the illusion of light in several scenes – plus a nocturne

  • How to apply watercolors working light to dark in value & temperature

  • How to paint convincing water, people, structures, and cars

  • Explanation of preferred materials, brushes and painting surfaces

Andy is best known for capturing everyday scenes in a way that reveals their hidden beauty – subjects that many would simply pass by. He is a signature member of the Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA), American Watercolor Society (AWS) and National Watercolor Society (NWS). He has been teaching artists all of the world how to paint the luminosity of watercolors. We are honored to capture on film his insights which we’re sharing with you in his newest instructional video series, “A Sense of Light”. You will see his overall approach on how to paint the illusion of light in several scenes. He gives you the tools, knowledge, and encouragement you need to build your paintings with confidence so you can enjoy the process, as well as the outcome.  What you learn can be applied to any subject matter whether you’re painting from life or a photograph. Come join us for this exciting opportunity to paint with Andy at his easel.