Original Art for Sale – Donated by Professional Guest Artist and PYLAA Members.

To continue providing all of the excellent services and opportunities for our members and community. All Profits go to support PYLAA to continue community service programs, organize and sponsor the high school art competition with the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District and provide Art Exhibits and Programs of interest to our membership and the community: continuing support for our members, sharing artworks, helping strengthen knowledge, creativity and self confidence as artist.

To Purchase

1. Contact: Kathleen Anderson on offered price and delivery/pick up. kathleenanddj@sbcglobal.net. (714) 746-3214

2. Go to the Home Page: https://www.pylaa.org/

3. Click the Donate button for safe, secure, and easy online payment,
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Hyun, Jung Sook
“Magnolia Flower” Watercolor 10” x 14” (Unframed)
$400 OR Best Offer (click to Enlarge)






Debra Holladay
“Still Life” Oil 11” x 14” (Unframed)
$800 OR Best Offer (click to Enlarge)
Painted at PYLAA March Zoom Meeting




Pete Morris “The Neighborhood” Watercolor 15” x 22” Unframed. $300 OR Best Offer


Pete Morris
“The Neighborhood” Watercolor 15” x 22” Unframed.
$300 OR Best Offer (click to Enlarge)




Joe Cibere
“Winter Range” Watercolor 12” x 18 “
SOLD to Jan Ortega. Thank You!. (click to Enlarge)




Eileen McCullough
“Beach house” watercolor – 11”x 14” Unframed.
$300 OR Best offer (click to Enlarge)




Monica Edwards
“Dandelion” Oil  – 9” x 12”
$200 SOLD to Gaye Berger. Thank You! (click to Enlarge)



Walter Lee

“Yorba Linda Art Festival” Oil
9″x 12″ on canvas panel (unframed) (click to Enlarge)
Special Price: $400




Janice Sobien
“A Glimpse Of Spring” Watercolor
10″x 14″ (Unframed)
$200 (or best offer) (click to Enlarge)


Mary Bridges
“Laguna” Oil 9″x 12″ on canvas (unframed)
$125 SOLD to Kathy Miquel. Thank! You (click to Enlarge)






Fred Iverson
“Nested Vase Sunflowers” Acrylic
26″x 26″ (click to Enlarge)
Price: $400 (framed) 




Helen Delaney
“Ocean Tale” Acrylic
11″x 14″ (click to Enlarge)
Price: $175 (framed) 



(Disclaimer – 501(c) receipt. “All donated art becomes the property of the Association to sell or use at the Board members discretion.”)