Jung Sook Hyun Donates “Magnolia Flower” Painting to PYLAA – for Sale!!

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Guest Artist Jung Sook Donates her beautiful February 22, 2021 Demo Painting “Magnolia Flower” to PYLAA .
For Sale $400. Profits go to support PYLAA to continue community service programs, organize and sponsor the high school art competition with the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District and provide Art Exhibits and Programs of interest to our membership and the community: continuing support for our members, sharing artworks, helping strengthen knowledge, creativity and self confidence as artist.

Thank you Jung Sook for your captivating flower Watercolor Painting Demonstration.
Colors of Springtime in California.

Artist Jung Sook Hyun captures snapshots of the California countryside with her delicate watercolor paintings. Based in Fullerton, her work details the town’s quaint streets and eclectic mix of historic buildings, surrounded by agricultural beauty. Homes, cafes, and storefronts feature old-fashioned shutter windows, balconies, and colorful entrances adorned with cascades of radiant flowers and potted plants.
From pastel-hued facades to close-up studies of flowers, Hyun’s colorful portfolio seems to bloom just like a garden in spring. Roses, peonies, tulips, and daffodils are painted with washes of color that depict their delicate petals, leaves, and buds. Her charming outdoor scenes are rendered with soft, gestural paint strokes that detail various tones and shades of the picturesque neighborhood, while the use of exposed space illuminates the sun-flooded scenes.


For Sales: Contact Kathleen Anderson