Jan 2020 – PYLAA Featured Artist

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About the Artist – Nathen Blackwell
Nathen Blackwell first studied art at the Hull College of Art, where he won a scholarship, in his hometown of Hull, England. Needing to find work he went to a monument shop where he started his apprenticeship as a stone carver. He soon excelled and moved up in the ranks reaching the status of Master Stone Carver.
In 1955, he was offered the position as Master Stone Carver for Westminster Abbey, but alas, he had already booked passage for himself, wife and two children to move to Canada and eventually the United States.
His destiny awaited later in life at the Reagan Library where he was honored by the task of carving Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s memorial as well as several presidential seals and donor names which grace its walls. He was also commissioned to do extensive restoration work at Hearst Castle in Northern California. Throughout his career, he taught many workshops and made not only his own carving tools, but tools to sell to his students.
Throughout his career in stone, he continued his love of pen and ink drawing, recalling the beautiful countryside of his beloved England. His world travels have also informed his work. He continues to produce Pen and Ink artwork today at the age of 91.