Placentia-Yorba Linda Art Association Election May 24, 2021

As A Nonprofit Organization, We Rely On Volunteers Like You To Support & Grow Our Mission. From Phone Calls to Web Design.

Qualifications for pylaa office: Likes working with people and getting involved in the community, computer literate, and just wants to help.

This new group of members selected by the membership will serve the organization during 2021-2022. Requirement of all positions is to attend monthly board meetings on the third Thursday of each month and Monthly meetings the 4th Monday of the Month Sept -May

Voting takes place – 2021 Member Elections May 24, 2021
Nominations due by May. 21 – Your Vote Matters

Make a Difference Nominate and Vote for New Board Members
This is your opportunity to use your professional skills to help better PYLAA for your fellow members and the community.

Current Officers: President Kathleen Anderson, Vice President Walter Lee, 2nd Vice President Mary Bridges, Treasurer (stepping down) and Secretary (stepping down.)


Office of the President
Current President:

Duties of the President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and
shall in general, subject to the control of the Board of Directors, supervise and control the affairs
of the corporation. All duties incident to this office and other duties may be required by the Articles of incorporation of this corporation, by the Board of Directors, or by the Bylaws.

The President shall be an ex-offiicio member of all standing committees of the corporation with the exception of the Nominating Committee. The President shall preside over the board meeting.

Other specific duties of the President are as follows:
Insure the corporation liability insurance policy is kept in force
Insure the various state non-profit paperwork is completed and submitted.
Supervise the monthly meetings.
Represent the art association in public affairs as required.
Write the president’s message for the monthly newsletter.


Office of the Vice President
Current Vice President:
Duties of the Vice President:
The Vice President of the PYLAA non-profit organization is
responsible for supporting its operational success.

Working with the Board of Directors, the Vice President plans and develops policies and
objectives for the Association to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals.

Because the Association relies on donations and membership fees of individuals interested in
its success, the vice president works with other committee members to create public awareness
and ensure the Association is visible to the community and those wanting to assist the foundation.
This may include assigning staff members to coordinate fund raisers, community events
and other programs to create responsiveness to the Association.

On occasion, when the President is unavailable, the Vice President assumes the duties of the President.

The Vice President may take the responsibility of locating and securing monthly demonstrators,
keep and update the membership/mailing list, and work with the secretary of the PYLUSD to secure meeting dates.


Office of the 2nd Vice President
Current Vice President:
Mary Bridges
Duties of the 2nd Vice President:

Sit as a member on the Board of Directors for the Art Association
(Attend each Board Meeting)

  • Assist the President of the Association
  • Promote membership in the Association
  • Provide help in such activities as:

Setting up art shows, Delivery of equipment, Judging art shows, Other related activities


Office of the Secretary
Current Secretary Interim:
(Stepping Down)

Duties of the Secretary: Take minutes at the monthly Directors’ board meetings, and the annual
or any special meeting, including time and place. These are to be sent email or regular mail to
board officers. Keep copies in Secretary’s notebook. See that all notices are given.

Write and mail out requests for donations from interested companies and individuals.
Write thank you letters to donation contributors. Write letters as requested by the President.

Keep copies of By-Laws, amendments, Newsletters, Job Descriptions,
Membership Lists and other official records in Secretary’s notebook.

Attend board meetings and members’ general meetings.

Qualifications: Computer skills helpful. Spelling and proofreading.


Office of the Treasurer
Current Treasurer Interim:
Kathleen Anderson (Stepping Down)
Duties of the Treasurer and Responsibilities

Take in all money
Membership dues, Hospitality, Opportunity Fund, Commission on sales of art work Miscellaneous.

  • Make bank deposits
  • Give “membership” names of member when dues are paid
  • Pay all expenses: Demonstrators, Video operator, Insurance, Website, Reimburse member expenses

Business License, P.O. Box, Miscellaneous

  • Files State and Federal Tax Returns (2 forms each)
  • Pick-up mail at P.O. Box . . . . .
  • Create a annual budget.