PYLAA 2021 Elections – Nominate, Volunteer & Vote

2021 Member Elections May 24, 2021
Nominations due by May. 21 – Your Vote Matters

Voting takes place at the November Monthly Virtual Meeting

Make a Difference Nominate and Vote for New Board Members

This is your opportunity to use your professional skills to help better PYLAA for your fellow members and the community.

See Website page for online digital nominations form to submit – Takes you to digital online nomination form

PYLAA 2021 Elections – Nominate, Volunteer & Vote

Takes you to pylaa webpage and digital nomination form
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Current Officers: President Kathleen Anderson, Vice President Walter Lee, 2nd Vice President Mary Bridges, Treasurer and Secretary needed.

1. Decreases Your Stress

Looking for new ways to decrease the stress in your life? Try volunteering! We know that may sound a little odd, but volunteering has been proven to reduce stress as noted by the Mayo Clinic’s “6 Health Benefits of Volunteering” article. Through interacting with new people and donating your time to help others you can develop a new sense of appreciation for yourself. Learning to appreciate all you’re doing for the community not only decreases your stress, but it teaches you healthy ways to manage your time and biggest priorities. So the next time you’re looking for ways to decrease stress try volunteering in New Jersey and know that you’re not just helping those in need – you’re helping yourself as well.

2. Increases Your Confidence

Confidence helps with so much in your everyday life. It’s what gives you an extra push to speak up for yourself or to make bolder decisions with your future. However, confidence is a hard skill to develop because it’s really rooted in kindness. Having the courage to be kind and help others through volunteering is a great way to increase your confidence at work, with your family, and with your friends. When you volunteer, you learn to be confident for those who can’t be. You exercise your speaking and presenting skills which tend to be with new people. The more practice you get at communicating with others, the more confident you’ll be no matter where you are. So if you want to have the confidence to ask your boss for that promotion you deserve, try volunteering locally. You’ll be sure to find great volunteer opportunities near you, and in return you’ll find new ways to gain a little extra confidence.

3. Expands Your Connections

Networking is a great skill to have because it can further in your career, business connections, and social life. However, networking is pointless if you don’t have any connections to talk with. Volunteering not only teaches you the confidence you’ll need to network, but it opens new doors that can help you make great connections. From local community leaders to successful board members, volunteering connects you with a side of your community that you might not otherwise have a chance to meet. So try volunteering to open your heart and also open new doors – you never know who you’ll meet.

While the benefits of volunteering are always evolving, there is one thing about it that will remain true: it changes lives. Your impact in New Jersey is needed at so many great nonprofit organizations. Whether you have enough time to volunteer once a month or once a week, it will always be appreciated. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities near you, then try emailing us here at Push to Walk. We’ll be happy to find a position that suits your interests and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!